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A Unique Journey Through Time to Strengthen Your Team - Le French Bus

Welcome aboard the French Bus de Collection, an exceptional experience that transcends simple travel to become a memorable team building adventure. Discover how our vintage 8-seater bus can be the key to bringing your teams together in a new way.

Unusual, original, authentic, an unforgettable moment

1. Unparalleled Retro Charm:Immerse yourself in history with our collector's bus, a unique piece that evokes the elegance and charm of a bygone era. Create an inspiring atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas.


2. Creative Inspiration: Let yourself be transported to an environment where the past meets the present. The authentic interior design of the French Bus de Collection stimulates creativity and provides a setting conducive to reflection and innovation.


3. Custom Team Building: Each team is unique, just like your experience aboard the French Bus. Customize your itinerary, activities and stops to specifically meet the needs of your team.


4. Creating Lasting Memories: Transform your team building events into unforgettable events. Capture unique moments aboard the French Bus de Collection and create memories that will strengthen the bonds within your team.


5. Temporal Escape:Take a break from everyday life and offer your team a real time escape. The French Collection Bus transports you to new horizons while creating a feeling of adventure and discovery.


6. Tailor-made Event Service: Our dedicated team is here to support you in planning your team building. From logistical details to on-board entertainment, we ensure that every aspect of your adventure is perfectly orchestrated.

7. Strong Visual Impact: Make a splash by arriving at your destinations aboard a unique collector's bus. The visual impact of the French Bus is sure to impress your colleagues and spark stimulating conversations.


Embark on a unique journey with the French Bus and transform your team building into a timeless experience. Offer your team an adventure that will leave a lasting impression and strengthen professional ties.

Contact us today to book this exceptional experience and give your business a new dimension in the world of team building.

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